Our Philosophy

Metroplex Counseling and Wellness is a center committed to the divine ethic of genuinely loving God and others in our care.   Our agency upholds the supremacy of Scripture in developing a rich, holistic approach to serving our clientele, and possesses an almost twenty year history in providing the highest quality in biblical counseling to thousands within the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Our counselors are advanced practitioners trained to compassionately and relevantly apply the deep, eternal truths of Scripture to the most challenging issues our clients face.  Our team believes that life is part of a larger divine story in which every detail possesses an ultimate, existential meaning and purpose.  Our hope is to connect every person we serve to this beautiful divine narrative.


Since Metroplex Counseling and Wellness upholds a biblical approach to serving others, we strongly embrace the treasures brought to light by God’s gifts of science and empirical study. Specifically our team seeks to offer an approach to treatment that balances the importance of both body and soul-a biblically holistic approch. While spirituality is a fundamental aspect of the human being, it is imperative that we not ignore the physical realities that may be contributing, even causing, the emotional/mental struggles of our patients.  That is why we incorporate the valued sciences of nutrition and neuro-feedback therapy in our care.  We encourage anyone seeking help from our team to consider one of the holistic treatment bundles we offer for optimal, holistic care.  Feel free to contact us at 817-571-4110 for clarification or direction on packages we offer.