Brain Gauge Cognitive Assessment

What Is It?

The brain gauge is a cognitive assessment tool that measures brain health by testing sensory perception in your fingertips using what looks like a computer mouse. We test 8 essential components of the brain health:

  • Speed: How quickly your brain reacts to stimulation
  • Focus: Your brain’s ability to focus on the task at hand
  • Fatigue: How quickly your brain begins to tire out when stressed
  • Accuracy: Your brain’s ability to detect small differences
  • Sequencing: Your brains ability to identify the order of events
  • Timing Perception: Your brain’s ability to detect the duration of events
  • Plasticity: Your brain’s ability to respond and adapt to change
  • Connectivity: Your brain’s ability to communicate and coordinate

You will get a comprehensive mental fitness score, a measure called corticalmetrics.


How Can It Help Me?

The powerful analytics and clear results can establish a baseline, then monitor how your brain is responding to your diet, supplements, medications, and IASIS treatments allowing you to work toward optimal brain function.


Is It Safe and Accurate?

Yes, it’s safe!

It is non invasive and only takes 15 minutes. The brain gauge has also been used in over 50 universities around the world.

The brain gauge detects extremely subtle differences in cognitive function. It can even tell if something is affecting the brain, positively or negatively even when you can’t. There have been over 50 peer reviewed studies measuring brain function.


When should I get an Brain Gauge Assessment?

It’s best if you can get a baseline immediately after a head injury, prior to starting IASIS MCN treatment, before implementing a nutritional plan, or supplementation. Then a repeat assessment can be done to measure progress so adjustments can be made accordingly.