Men’s Sexual Integrity Group

The question is often asked: “Is my sexual behavior okay?” “Why is what I’m doing hurting other people?” “Why is my marriage and my family at risk from my behavior?” These questions and more are at the heart of the healing this group works to provide its members. The group offers a faith based educational and interactive experience for participants.

In this world of constantly changing sexual norms that isolate more than they unite, come meet with other men who are working to find standards to live their lives and pursue integrity that does not just affect their sexuality, but their whole life and relationships as well.
This group meets almost weekly throughout the year and is open once you complete an individual screening with the facilitator, Matt Sessoms, MA, LPC, LMFT, Board Certified Sex Therapist. Screenings can be one to four individual sessions to determine if the group will be a good fit for your concerns.

If you or someone you know has been called a “Sex Addict,” “Porn addict,” or another name trying to define the behavior you have been caught up in, please call 817-571-4110 to get more information about this group. You may also email Matt at