Wellness Pathways

Wellness Pathways:

As you consider the various pathways offered by Metroplex Wellness and Counseling, please consider that any in-patient service that might be available to you would exceed $10,000/month (and that is at the very low end).

While Metroplex Wellness and Counseling offers no guaranteed outcome results, our aim is to serve our counselees holistically and effectively in a manner that will assist and equip them to reach their wellness goals most efficiently and cost effectively.  That is why Metroplex Wellness and Counseling has developed several discounted pathways for those seeking mental and relational care.  For more information, please call us at 817-571-4110.

Important Notice on all Wellness Pathways: All sessions purchased within the bundle must be completed within 20 weeks of initial assessment. Cancellations or No Shows without 24-hour notice will count toward this total. Rescheduling within the 20 weeks is possible depending on the counselors schedule but may be extended beyond that time frame if necessary.”



Optimizes body and soul integration for a deep sense of emotional wholeness and wellbeing.

For those struggling with issues such as anger, anxiety, and depression this holistic approach addresses emotional and mental struggles by incorporating modalities that impact both the physical and the spiritual.

IASIS MCN:  10 Sessions

Counseling:  10 Sessions

Mental Health Nutrition:  1 Consult, 1 Follow-Up

Prices for Integrate are Discounted—Call 817-571-4110 for details.



Facilitates self-awareness, marital healing, and somatic balance.

Participate in creating new marital oneness beginning with insights from the Enneagram, moving deeper through rich biblically-based marital counseling while enjoying the organic benefits of IASIS MCN and your choice of body works or aroma therapy.

Enneagram Consultation: 5 Sessions

Marriage Counseling: 10 Sessions

IASIS MCN: 10 Sessions (May be shared by the couple)

Prices for Unity are Discounted—Call 817-571-4110 for details.



Harmonizes body and soul encouraging an experience of wholeness for the anxious heart.

Specifically tailored for those struggling with anxiety or panic disorders including individuals diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Clinically Informed Anxiety Counseling: 12 Sessions

IASIS MCN: 10 Sessions

Mental Health Nutrition: 2 Sessions (Initial Consultation and Follow-Up)

Includes Two Brain Gauge Assessments (Pre/Post Care)

Prices for Serenity are Discounted—Call 817-571-4110 for details.



Facilitates somatic balance and ease for the stressed body.

Provides your body and system a harmonizing experience through touch, aroma, and brain care positively impacting your emotions at a physical level.

IASIS MCN: 10 sessions

Prices for Balance are Discounted—Call 817-571-4110 for details.



Transitions the body to rest and digest.

Comprises of our cutting-edge brain treatment utilizing IASIS MCN technology.

Includes 2 Brain Gauge Assessments (Pre/Post Treatment)

12 Session Option
20 Session Option
40 Session Family Option

Prices for Soothe are Discounted—Call 817-571-4110 for details.



Optimizes holistic systems regulation through nutritional care.

Positively impact your body and your mental wellness through our nutritional care.

5 Session Option
10 Session Option
15 Session Option

Prices for Rejuvenate are Discounted—Call 817-571-4110 for details.