Why see a Naturopath?

  • Methods used by a naturopath are much more gentle on the body.
  • A Naturopath knows everyone is created differently and not everyone needs the same recommendations or even needs to eat the same way as another person.

What is a Naturopath?

Naturopaths utilize what God has provided through nature to help the body heal itself of just about anything if it is clear of toxins and if given proper nutrition, rest, mental outlook, and natural stimulation. Naturopaths address client’s concerns by getting to the root cause and making recommendations from a natural standpoint understanding the connections of the person as a whole (mind, body, and spirit), mental and spiritual. Naturopaths believe in prevention as being the best “cure”.

INaturopathy is the science, art, and philosophy of adjusting the framework, correcting mental influences, and supplying the body with its needed elements. (exercise, rest, proper diet, various kinds of bodywork, and mental and moral)
Methods used to uncover root causes are:

These things combined give a complete picture of health issues. The Naturopath will be able to give recommendations to address all the aspects of health. Optimal wellness is our goal.